Ronny Lam


Open Networking Foundation and OpenDayLight

An interesting combination of articles at NetworkWorld about the Open Networking Foundation and OpenDayLight. I will have to give these some thought myself. Read and decide for yourself, I will help you with some quotes:

OpenDaylight is building on our work, SDN group’s director says

“If it’s open, but not standard, it might be controlled by a single party,” Pitt said. “Something that’s standard means it’s got broad community and industry agreement on what it is and on how it’s used.”

IBM defends OpenDaylight from doubters

The scope of the project is to include an SDN controller, northbound and southbound APIs – including OpenFlow – proprietary extensions, and east-west protocols for federation between controllers. Members are contributing money, developers, intellectual property and code.

Open Networking Foundation director details SDN directions, OpenDaylight impact

They have OpenFlow there and they said in their announcement that OpenFlow is a southbound API. But their slides have shown a variety of other ones. We’re here to make sure that this OpenFlow one is completely functional and meets the needs of users, which we’ve already seen in a number of deployments.

Sometimes I get the feeling of mud throwing. It’s a strange situation with two foundations of which half of the companies are a (paying!) member of both.

I will have to give this some thought myself and come up with a reaction this week. Another boat maintenance weekend is not helping me out.