Ronny Lam


How to Master Git

I have been using Git for a while now, mainly for personal projects. And for personal projects Git works more or less like SVN or CVS. Unlike the latter two, which use only a local repository, Git uses both a central and a local repository. That’s why it is called a DVCS or Distributed Version Control System. I have a Github account but work mostly on Bitbucket because of private repositories.

I have convinced my team to migrate from working with their local repository to a centralized repository. First because the team is growing, but second, developers are more and more touching the same code base. When it comes to working with a team, Git behaves like a whole different beast. In essence it is still the same but it requires far more in-depth knowledge than when you are working alone.

The Git manual does not hold very much information when you are starting to use Git. Instead I found this link with a lot of information about usage and strategies. This site helped me a lot to understand and explain the different Git workflows. Take a look when you are using Git or are considering it. If you have even better information, please let me know.