Ronny Lam


Dusseldorf Marathon on a Unicycle

I am writing this post on my way to Dusseldorf where I will drive the marathon tomorrow on my unicycle.

This is the 3rd time in 6 years that I am doing this. I’ve been unicycling all along for six years now which all started with a bet with a colleague. He did some unicycling, but never long distance. When he told me six years ago about this marathon I encouraged him to go and offered to drive it together. The end of the story is that I drove it and he didn’t.

The funny thing is that I even started enjoying it. Unicycling is fun once you get the feeling of it. I am still driving on my 26” unicycle with a balloon tyre that blows it to almost 28”. But my next one will be the whopping 36” wheel. That’ll be the challenge for next year.