Ronny Lam


Unicycle Dusseldorf Marathon

Today I drove the Dusseldorf Marathon on my unicycle. This is actually the only marathon in the world that has unicycles in it. First start the hand-bikers, then the unicycles and then the runners, including some Kenyan speeders.

The start at 8:45 was very cold, almost freezing, but when the sun started doing it’s work it got much better. With my slow wheel my projected time was 2:45. Based on current speed, time and distance my watch always had the expected end-time in the screen and I kept it all the way under that 2:45. With the end result of 2:43’23 I am very happy.

Next year will be a lot faster, because it will be driven on a 36” wheel. Tomorrow we’ll be driving a cooling down trip with a small international team in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer. Looking forward to that.