Ronny Lam


Suunto Ambit and the New Movescount

Until tonight I was very happy with my Suunto Ambit. Until I found out that Suunto just introduced the Ambit2 and the Ambit2s. I now understand why my watch so so cheap a couple of months ago. Thank god the functionality didn’t improve that much, so I might still be happy with mine.

When I bought it I compared it to the Garmin Fenix. The Fenix was able to connect to an iPhone app via USB, and the Ambit was able to create apps (and had scratch resistant glass). Although my first choice at that time was the Fenix, it could not be delivered due to production problems or something. I then switched to the Ambit, which was a good choice I think.

One of the things that made the Ambit fun was that you could create apps with it. I used it yesterday in the the Dusseldorf Marathon to produce the expected finish time based on distance, time and speed. But that version 1 of the app-zone was very limited to only display some calculations. Version 2 got a whole lot better, with the ability to use loops, conditionals, triggers and even create your own log-data. They did this with a massive upgrade of Movescount, the online app to manage your watch and moves. The upgrade looks really nice with a lot of improvements I and others were waiting for.

The only thing I hope for now is that Suunto is not going to forget Ambit1 users in their future development. But as far as I can see now the firmware will be almost the same, and so will the features.