Ronny Lam


Suunto Ambit Left Behind

I was so wrong yesterday. Suunto upgraded the appzone with a lot of nice new features, and I expected them to work also on my original Ambit, which came out a year ago. Instead…

If there’s one thing that won’t make existing original Ambit owners happy – it’s the fact that almost none of these new features I’ve discussed are making it to the original Ambit … No doubt, these are great improvements within the App Zone functionality – but in comparison to the wide swath of features being added to the Ambit2, it’s going to come across as a big slap in the face.

I bought mine only 3 months ago and the model is only a year old. And yet Suunto will forget the original Ambit users? I hope not, and I hope DC Rainmaker is wrong. I hope with him that we, as Ambit1 users, can put some pressure on Suunto to port some functionality back to the Ambit1. Of course where hardware differs that is impossible.

If you read the comments there are a lot of disappointed users like me. But looking in a parallel universe, Apple, things are no different. Except that it is far more clear that a new model is coming. With the Ambit that was not expected in the beginning of this year.

On a positive note. The Ambit 2, without the s, is $100 more expensive than the original, so the the question remains if it would have been worth the bigger investment. Maybe, I would have loved the indoor swimming mode for example, with lap- and stroke-count.

Well, in the end I must admit that I loved my Ambit yesterday and I will still love it tomorrow, but today it feels a little sorrow.
(Wow, that rimed)