Ronny Lam


Stolen in Paris

Today we had a great trip around Paris under a beautiful blue sky. Of course we did all the touristic stuff, including the Eiffel tower, Louvre, Arc the Triomphe and closing the day on Sacre Coeur.

At Sacre Coeur we got stolen from my video-camera. I even got it tight around my wrist. In the busy crowd somebody bumped me from the left and somehow another one stole it from me on the right. And before I realized what happened the guys where gone in the crowd. It happened so fast that this fact alone makes me realize how fragile security is. The camera is full of personal videos of me and mostly my kids, in (Disneyland) Paris.

Sony Handycam HDR TG3

It is a “Sony Handycam HDR TG3” which I really liked, not only because of the size and weight, but also because of the quality of video and stills. The Carl-Zeiss lens is really awesome. The camera was a gift from my previous employer Snow B.V. with their logo and my name “Ronny” engraved in it. If you know where to find it or somebody tries to sell it to you, please contact me.

Sony Handycam HDR TG3