Ronny Lam


Pre-Built OpenDaylight VM Images

Brent Salisbury has done a terrific job, not only describing how to build the OpenDaylight Project, but he has also built some VM-images to download OpenDaylight without building it yourself. Of course you would miss all the fun and the learning experience.

One thing that strikes me, positively, is that Brent turned into an OpenDaylight believer:

While there is still some uncertainty on the platform details of OpenDaylight, there isn’t uncertainty in my mind, where I will be devoting my time for the rest of the year.

The cool thing about open-source projects like these is that you can measure the commitment of the community. Currently it is under very active development, with a lot of (git) commits each day. Which makes me believe that we will get a very usable end-result.

If you want to get a feeling of OpenFlow, what it is and what it can do for you, grab one of Brent’s images and play around using mini-net.