Ronny Lam


Suunto Apologizes to Original Ambit Users

Last week I was pissed off at Suunto for abandoning the original Ambit in favor of the version 2 with better specs.

Thank God Suunto listens to their users and came back to their decision to abandon software development for the original Ambit. Although it must be said that I did not find official communications from Suunto about this, only rumours.

In an official communication Suunto explains the reasons behind their decision to update the hardware and apologizes for bad communication. Software development for the original Ambit will continue, although memory is limited. As much as possible of the new functions will be ported back to the original Ambit.

We realize that a big selling-point of the Ambit has been its ability to evolve and we know this feature was important when you made the decision to buy. We therefore understand that we have not lived up to your expectations and apologize for that.

Yours sincerely,
Suunto Team