Ronny Lam


OpenDaylight Project: The Speed Promise

I like the positive tone in this post by Kelly Herrel

It’s time we all take a step back and view OpenDaylight for what it is: A good example of the disruptive new era in networking where speed of development blows past the historic plodding progress of a single-vendor model.

Kelly is expecting a lot from the fact that OpenDaylight is an Open Source Project. History shows indeed some projects that were very successful. Among them are projects like Apache and Postfix. But there are also examples of less successful projects. What do you think of Open-Office? It has been moved around like a hot potato. The good thing is that some more successful forks have been spun off. That’s normal practice in the Open Source world.

I see the OpenDaylight Project as a special case, call it an experiment. Multiple large commercial vendors are collaborating to create one common SDN controller. First, I hope that Kelly is right that by Open Sourcing this project, development will quantum leap. I am a bit sceptic about the role of these vendors, after all, they are competitors. But the positive side is that fresh input from outside the vendors is enhancing the overall product, especially feature wise.

I like this experiment, and I hope it is the beginning of a new era.