Ronny Lam


Colocated Raspberry Pi

Yeah! My Raspberry Pi in “the cloud” is online. It is in fact a Colocated Pi running in the Datacenter of PCextreme in the Netherlands.

Where else can you get a 100 Mbit uplink, 500 GB bandwidth, power and the ability to boast about it to your friends for free?

This is a very generous offer by these guys and I accepted it in a heartbeat. Due to popularity I had to wait a bit longer, but it is finally online. What am I going to do with it?

First of all it is going to be an OpenVPN server, to be able to make safe connections from public WiFi to the Net. Second, probably a web-service, but that is not decided yet. For me it always good to have a shell somewhere on the web. This is always handy for troubleshooting purposes.