Ronny Lam


SDN: Back to the Drawing Board

Ethan Banks wrote a very nice post, sending everybody who is jumping on the SDN hype back to the drawing board.

Crafting a truthful message addressing the natural questions will help eminently practical enterprise customers – in aggregate the largest networking marketplace – get over their SDN anxiety and start seriously evaluating how their next generation network is going to function.

I think this comes down to something I said earlier: SDN is the solution, but what was the problem? And I totally agree with Ethan that SDN is not a prerequisite to automate your network. You can do that today with tools that exist today.

You don’t even have to become a programmer. Let the software developers develop their software so that you can use it to automate your network. Even worse, I have seen multiple companies with roll-your-own software that got too dependant on the one or two “programmers” that built some “software”, but unfortunately left the company.

But again: do you really need a next generation network and what are the problems it should solve? Back to the drawing board…