Ronny Lam


Snow B.V. Has Good Employership in Its DNA

As you may have read in a post from last week, I got stolen in Paris from my video-camera. A great digital Sony Handycam, which was a Christmas present from Snow B.V. in, I think, 2009.

This was one year before I left the company after helping to build the company from 6 people in 1998 to 150 in 2010. A Unix consulting firm, built on nerd culture, where people are the most important assets in the company.

Of course I knew that, part of my job was to nourish that culture. But to feel the strong connection even after three years was kind of unexpected. Someone from Snow B.V. read my post about the stolen camera and realized that there was still a spare on stock.

So when I got home one day this week, after giving a training to a client, an old colleague was standing in front of my house with a replacement camera as a present.

We can not replace the lost memories, but we can at least enable you to create new ones.

This is what I call Good Employership, thanks Snow B.V.!