Ronny Lam


Google Versus

John Gruber hits the nail on the head about Larry Page whining about how everyone compares Google with the competition:

Google is a hyper-competitive company, and they repeatedly enter markets that already exist and crush competitors … They want everything; their ambition is boundless.

Marco Arment’s addition makes this even stronger:

Google seems desperate to prove that it’s a major innovator of original product ideas, despite most of its strengths lying in improving, extending, devaluing, and better executing everyone else’s.

Google definitely has an aggressive market strategy, copying ideas, extending them and disrupting the original market. That strategy does not always work, but when it works Google gets out as a monopolist. We have seen that with Mail, Maps, RSS and advertising as a whole. The latest examples of Google entering other markets are Plus, Keep and this week start hitting the personal messaging market hitting on Whatsapp.

It’s really hard to find innovative products from Google, but they are awesome at improving and offering at a lower price. The Google Cloud Platform with the improved Compute Engine is directly competing with AWS. How can we not compare Google Versus Amazon?