Ronny Lam


Bringing Networking and Security Together Through Automation

Somehow this article landed in my Instapaper, so I can not thank the referrer, yet. From a security point of view it is bringing the worlds of networking and security together through automation.

In short, empowering both security and networking teams with automation will lead to a reduction in manual processes and will leverage embedded expertise and provisioning to ensure that a business systems remain compliant. Automating its IT network infrastructure will improve the change and provisioning process to help shorten the time needed to deploy new services.

From my practice selling and implementing network automation I can tell that there is a huge hurdle to be taken, every time. Network automation comes with trust, so it is important to start with small steps. To get acquainted with the tools, to standardize the network and to build trust in the tooling.

Most importantly, automation doesn’t make changes without review or approval it leverages computing power and analysis to handle repetitive processes such as finding overlapping/unused rules or provisioning changes faster with less risk of human error.

This is key, especially since 80 percent of configuration errors can be traced back to manual changes (source: EMA). Think of the network availability when we can solve that, apart from the speed gain.