Ronny Lam


Operations Is Dead, but Please Don’t Replace It With DevOps

Another one of those articles in my Instapaper of which I do not know who to thank for…

I have always said that DevOps is not a goal on itself, but a means to reach certain goals. This post by Ben Kepes acknowledges exactly that. He even goes a step further:

the Devops movement addresses the dysfunction that results from organizations composed of functional silos.

He also acknowledges what we have been selling for years now:

Automating infrastructure deployment does much to build bridges between application operations and systems operations teams, and creates common goals where formerly they were hard to identify.

It is in the process of automating things where the different teams find each other and have to collaborate. There is even a loop back from operations to development when you automate deployment.

That said, I think the answer is not in devops nor in pure automation, the answer is in breaking up the silos. We always have to ask ourselves when we come up with answers like these: “what was the question?”