Ronny Lam


Packet Pushers Podcast About OpenDaylight Leadership

A very interesting episode of The Packet Pushers joined by Brent Salisbury interviewing high members of the OpenDaylight project’s Technical Steering Committee, Dave Meyer and Inder Gopal.

It goes from an overview to details, from open source to governing that, how the members and non-members add knowledge and features, the future of OpenDayLight and how it compares to the Open Networking Foundation.

As a daughter of the Linux-foundation I see that the OpenDayLight Project is truly open. Everyone can listen to the Technical Steering Committees, add proposals, knowledge and commit code.

What I think is really interesting from this episode is that OpenDayLight is not (only) about OpenFlow. It is a controller-framework where any southbound protocol can be added as a plugin. Not forgetting the northbound API’s currently in discussion are the east-west protocols to interface with other controller platforms.