Ronny Lam


Design at Atlassian: Triads

Atlassian is the home of Bitbucket, Jira and other. Products of which I use Bitbucket, an online git-repository, the most. On their blog an interview with Ross Chaldecott one of their lead designers. From that interview I was impressed by the simplicity of the following concept:

We try to avoid the ivory tower approach to design that has been the norm for years. This starts from the core structure at the heart of the team. At Atlassian we use triads to create effective ways for various groups to work together and minimize thrash. If we zoom out a bit we can see each product has three main triads:


Working in a growing software company this picture really helps me to keep structure in the company, the design and the development process. One of the things I have learned in the past is that you want to avoid getting too many people involved in discussions. With this picture in mind you get to categorize issues or challenges in the right corner and let the right people work on it, while keeping the team lean.