Ronny Lam


Rackspace Floats Virty Router and Firewall Into Its Clouds

Today I saw a tweet by Brent Salisbury about Rackspace introducing Vyatta as a network service:

With Vyatta, customers can now get industrial-strength firewall, routing, and VPN into the cloud … The Cloud Networks service is based on VMware’s NVP OpenFlow controller and Open vSwitch virtual switch, which plugs into the XenServer commercial-grade hypervisor from Citrix Systems that Rackspace uses to underpin its OpenStack-based public cloud.

This is Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) coming to life. A perfect solution for datacenters and cloudproviders like Rackspace. We will soon see this in public/private hybrid cloud offering, which makes total sense to connect your private, on premise, network to the public cloud.