Ronny Lam


Big Switch Lowers Forecast for OpenDaylight SDN Effort

Big Switch has gone from being a top-tier “Platinum” member of OpenDaylight to a “Silver” member, which is little more than a “token” observer representation, said Jason Matlof, vice president of marketing for Big Switch. It has also relinquished its seat on the OpenDaylight board.

Is this the demise of the OpenDayLight Project? Is the fact that Big Switch, which had one of the first (Open Source) Openflow controllers, is pulling back a signal of internal conflicts? Time will tell.

To me it is a surprise though. I was expecting one of the big companies to pull the plug. Big Switch was the one with the largest codebase, at least in my view.

Of course we see some mud throwing in this process, where I always wonder what the real truth is. The management summary seems to be that both Big Switch and Cisco donated their controller codebase. Dickson and Erickson proposed to merge those codebases,but the decision was made to start of with the Cisco codebase, which Big Switch did not like. Their official statement is that they will focus on Openflow hardware for the Open Compute Project. Also here, time will tell.