Ronny Lam


Before WWDC, iOS 6 Dominates iPhone and iPad

This week I wondered about the ”The Android OS Fragmentation Problem” where nearly 70% of the Android users are running an old version of Android. My statement was that 80% of the iOS users where at a current version, which was a figure from beginning of this year. But today it is even much better:

the data bolsters the idea that iPhone users tend to be serial updaters. At nearly 93%, North American iPhone owners are almost all running the most recent iOS version in some form

All iPhones from the iPhone 3Gs up (can) run the latest iOS. With the iPad the figure is a little bit worse, namely 83%. In my opinion this is due to the once popular, but still widely used, iPad 1 which cannot get past iOS 5.1.1.

While I do think of this as a problem, it is not as worse as with Android since iOS 5.1.1 is not being sold anymore and Android 2.3 is, a lot!