Ronny Lam


The First 60 Days of OpenDayLight

The OpenDayLight project is 60 days young and already reached an important milestone. The donated codebases have been merged together, or at least, a proposal to do so is approved.

Having a large number of technically savvy, and diverse opinions available for debate is probably the biggest strength of open source projects and OpenDaylight is already flexing its muscles on this point. Debate and strongly held opinions inform important decisions. Not everyone gets everything they want all the time, but the process ensures the best ideas percolate to the top over time.

I assume this last line is about Big Switch Networks, whose controller did not survive the merge.

Removing company boundaries, engaging academic talent and allowing the best and brightest to collaborate, debate, compromise, and inspire each other is why code written in open source communities is of higher quality and doesn’t degrade in quality over time when compared to other software development models.

This is for me the amazing part of this collaboration. If you look at the list of Big Companies with Big Ego’s it is quite an achievement that they are working together on one product. Maybe it is the strong hand of the Linux Foundation, maybe the timing is right for Open Source projects like this. Whatever the reason, I really like what’s going on here.

Let’s go for another 60 months!