Ronny Lam


Apple Summary on WWDC 2013

The Apple presentation on WWDC 2013 has just finished. Unfortunately I could not watch or follow it live because I’m traveling, but from all the blogs in my rss-feed I got the following:

  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the Top Gun version; not a need to have right now, especially the addition of Apple Maps.
  • iOS 7; I still need to watch the video, but initial news sounds good. A good reason to replace my 3GS.
  • Updated MacBook Airs, with Haswell-processor; more speed and impressive battery times.
  • iWorks for iCloud; who cares?
  • Mac Pro, the Dyson model; with a new awesome form-factor.
  • iTunes Radio; bye bye Spotify?
  • iOS in the Car; finally, this is an awesome addition to some car-models.

My take? I am again impressed by the innovative power of Apple, but I am even more impressed by all the secrecy they were able to keep. Tim Cook kept his promise there. Since I have posted here about OS-fragmentation, I really like the part in the presentation where Tim Cook compares iOS to Android fragmentation.