Ronny Lam


Cost of Data Breach Study 2013

Sponsored by Symantec Ponemon did their eighth annual benchmark study concerning the cost of data breach incidents.

This is an interesting report, especially from an automation perspective:

Taken together, human errors and system problems account for 64 percent of data breaches in the global study. These can include:

  • Employees mishandling information
  • Violations of industry and government regulations
  • Lack of system controls
  • IT or business process failure (such as legacy FTP jobs expose credit card data in the clear)
  • Insiders greatly contribute to data breaches and that loss can be costly to organizations

In networking I have seen this figure before, which was even 80 percent in one study. It seems to be confirmed for security. Strange that typing errors are not mentioned here, in other studys they play a big role.

Automation can solve most of the above issues, where the biggest role is for development and testing to filter out all the errors. Only tested code goes into production, which gets rid of most of the above 64 percent.