Ronny Lam


Closing My Internet Activities

This is where PRISM has led us to: FUD! Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This weekend, because of all the news about PRISM, my wife asked me to cease all my internet activities. Stop this blog, stop Twitter and close the Google account. And especially stop moderating for OpenDNS, because I have to visit websites in order to be sure that how the community categorized a site is correct. Time constraints have withheld me from doing that important job, but she didn’t know.

I denied. Not to her, but to the authorities that are monitoring us and especially to ff-ing Jack de Vries, a Dutch spin-doctor who claims that monitoring is more important than privacy.

Privacy is one of our fundamental rights. We don’t live in a Big-Brother society, although is certainly begins to feel that way. Leaving the internet and becoming anonymous doesn’t solve this issue. It’s what’s under the radar what they are really monitoring. The people with a voice need to stand up and come up for their rights, and everybody else’s.