Ronny Lam


What SDN Means to the Network Administrator

SDN is making the life of the network admin much more easy, at least that’s what they do want to believe us. It is articles like these that give a wrong view of the technology.

You put lots of stripped down network machines all around your network, which contain the data plane and a way of receiving control instructions. This collection of network machines allows you to send any data anywhere in your network. Once you’ve done the head-scratching and grunt work, these machines can stay put. You can reconfigure the whole network and these machines won’t have to be moved or re-cabled.

Yeah, you just connect some boxes and everything starts working magically. You don’t have to think about traffic, utilisation, throughput and design an architecture for that. Even in my most optimistic moments I would have to smoke some pot to come up with ideas like this. Just to find out that in the end, even the author knows it…

Problem is, it doesn’t exist yet.