Ronny Lam


From Google Reader to the Feedly Cloud: Summary of the Last 100 Days

Some months ago Google announced in their spring-cleaning session that they would retire Google Reader, because of lack of users. At first I was mad, how could they do this? But I soon switched to Feedly, which I did not like at first. So while using Feedly I also checked out some other Readers.

Feedly however, did something special. They listened to all their (new) users and iterated very fast to give the former Google Reader readers a new, and improved, home. None of the others did it as well as they did, so after a while I stopped checking the others and got married to Feedly.

In the last couple of weeks they built out there new cloud. First to replace the Google Reader back-end and second to accommodate their new front-end. The migration went very smooth, so I can say no more that I really really like this marriage.

The next 10 days are special: A lot of undecided Google users are looking for a home. A lot of them might not know that feedly has evolved. A lot of them might not know that feedly is offering one-click migration

If you haven’t still decided what to use as a feed-reader I can really endorse Feedly. A service that listens to their users.