Ronny Lam


Speaker for the Dead – Telnet

Steven Iveson has started a great series on the Packetpushers blog, where he will discuss…

technology that has or is becoming ‘end of life’ or legacy and/or irrelevant (or which should be)

This post is about telnet, which has a name of being insecure. This is because traffic is being transmitted unencrypted in a readable format. SSH has for years been the new way of connecting to a terminal.

Funny anecdote is that I once was consulting for a company where the Firewall manager told me that Telnet was far more secure than SSH, from his perspective. At least with Telnet he could see what went through his Firewall, with SSH it could all be evil tunnels, connecting the outside of the Firewall to the inside.

This is the only time I have agreed with scuba statement, especially since his argument was very strong.