Ronny Lam


Are We Now in the Post-OpenFlow SDN Wave?

I thought about a different title for this post, but since this is a linked post I have the courtesy to leave the original title for this post. The content of the post however is giving me a feeling of:

Openflow is dead, long live SDN!

The author of the post is doing nothing to take that feeling away.

I think the ONF did a good job of starting the discussions around SDN but as a highlighted in various blogs the focus has shifted from a protocol discussion on the southbound API side to a much broader architectural discussion around what you can really do with SDN leveraging Northbound APIs from various solutions (due to the lack of standardization) and what the benefits are.

I am very grateful for what SDN and the ONF did for the market of network automation. Together with another movement, DevOps, the market is now accepting that the network was the last bastion to be automated. Whatever the name, whatever the layers or the protocols involved, network managers and their C-level managers are now accepting that the network is open for change.

I think that is the biggest win of what is happening right now.