Ronny Lam


1 Year of Daily Blogging

Today I finally reached my goal of 1 year daily blogging. I have been blogging before that, but certainly not daily and also not with focus and sometimes social. When I started this last year I wanted to get more focus, structure and routine in my blogs. I think I reached all of them although the structure might need some improvement. The good thing is that you can always improve.

Focus. I wanted to share information that interests me on the web, most of the time from a technical perspective. My main focus is networking, specifically automation, Unix, Apple, Android, Cloudcomputing and the web in general. I did not want to make this a personal or social blog. That goal is very well and easy reached. The good thing about daily blogging is that I am always thinking what to write next. So I also, most of the time kept focus in my reading. Sometimes it was hard to find a subject to write about, but those can be count on my ten fingers.

Structure. As you have noticed I do a lot of link-posts. It is very easy to link to another post, take a quote as a basis, and respond to the originator. In my opinion this is much stronger than reacting in comments. Comments by the way which I disabled and which I encourage other to disable. Not only because I think link-posting is stronger, but also because of the quantity and quality of most comments. My goal was to write a non-linked long-form post once a week. That goal is not reached. Maybe, if I quit daily blogging, I create some time for long-form posts, but I am afraid I am going to miss the routine and not write at all.

Routine. This goal is met, but to be honest I sometimes wrote two posts on one day, in advance or the day after. As is this post a day too late. Besides a little smuggling, or including that even, the routine goal is met. Half an hour a day is reserved for blogging. If I don’t reserve that time, if I don’t make it a routine it will not be done. That’s the way I work, everyday the same activities, when it comes to running or blogging, the time is reserved.

Goals for the future? Continue daily blogging, definitely. More non-linked posts and more long-form posts. Keep posting in English, although my native language is Dutch, but also improve my English. Also improve my writing, use more structure in trying to get the message across. Last but not least, my goal for this year was not to engage people or be the most popular blog. This years focus was mainly on routine. Next years focus will be more on engagement, quality and maybe some guest blogging.

My golden tip for blogging is: there are no rules, just do it and the rest will come.