Ronny Lam


Google Compute Engine Versus Amazon EC2

I have been using Amazon EC2 for quit some time now and I absolutely like it. They may not be the cheapest cloud-provider and they still have some things missing, like IPv6. But they are very flexible and offer a lot of features to make it easy scaling up and down when needed.

I finally took some time to enroll myself into the Google Cloud. Looking at the Compute Engine it is just like EC2 with all the same bells, whistles and terminology. The only difference I see is the amount of available images that is almost endless on Amazon and only 2 Linux distributions at Google. I am not in need of Windows images, but they seem like a big miss on Google.

Pricing structure is also the same, although Amazon has a free tier for 1 year which allows you to try before you buy. Another advantage in the Amazon pricing is the ability to pay upfront and get a discount on the hourly pricing.

This quick comparison does not make me want to fire up one Google instance, even for trying. Please let me know if I am missing on features that could differentiate Google Compute Engine from AWS. I might want to come back and try again.