Ronny Lam


Backup to Amazon Glacier

I have been playing with Git Annex and Glacier-CLI for a while. Git Annex is a great solution to keep some directories or archives in sync, as an alternative to rsync, which is harder when it comes to multiple machines. The addition of Glacier-CLI allows to upload an archive to the cheap Glacier storage on the Amazon cloud. Uploading to Glacier is free, storage very cheap and downloading when needed will cost you something. I don’t know how your data is stored, but it will cost Amazon some hours to make your download available, so I presume it is stored on tape or something.

While this is workable for me I didn’t automate it yet and I am unable to present this to my wife. That’s why I was happy to find Arq this weekend. A tool which does this all automatic with the added bonus of AES-256 encryption.

It is commercial software, but what I like about Arq is the open format and that you don’t depend on Arq to retrieve your backups. Something I found very annoying in other commercial tools, especially the ones with a subscription license.

I will start my trial somewhere next week when I have 100MB upload available, because an initial backup of several Gigs is not fun with a 1MB upload.