Ronny Lam


I Owe Bill Gates an Apology

I always thought that after people disappear as a public figure, either by passing away or by pension, others would soften their view on that person. Except for Margaret Thatcher by the way, who is still being seen as the toughest bitch ever, especially by people in the UK.

But this article takes my presumption to an extreme, for a guy that hasn’t even disappeared as a public figure: Bill Gates. And I must admit that I am feeling almost the same thing.

If the world can be radically improved, it will take a fundamental re-working of the existing algorithms of modern life – all the nasty realities we presently tolerate or ignore, or simply fail to see. Gates was as good at crafting an algorithm, as good at writing code, as he was a unrelenting business tycoon.

If Gates runs his foundation as successful as he was running Microsoft, the world WILL be a better place:

We believe every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life.