Ronny Lam


Atlassian and HTTP Client Performance

Bitbucket is a Github-like product from Atlassian which we use for our softwaredevelopment. The difference between the two is mostly based on pricing for private repositories for small teams.

Bitbucket has grown there userbase a lot lately which was not good for performance. That’s why Bitbucket moved last week to a new datacenter with a direct connection to Amazon AWS. However, client-wise the performance did not improve very much, neither on the http side, nor on the git side.

Then when you post items like this on your blog, you are asking for it:

Apparently, one of the unsolved programming problems of our time is making HTTP calls – at least, taken from the fact that new HTTP client libraries keep cropping up. Mostly, the focus is on new features, async APIs etc. But what about the actual IO part? Especially regarding performance?

Maybe Atlassian should do some client performance testing themselves on Bitbucket. Especially since they moved because of performance.