Ronny Lam


Bye Bye Feedburner, Hello Feedpress

My expectation is that, after Reader and Latitude, Feedburner will be the next in line to be killed. Development has clearly been stopped in 2010 and the blog quit early 2012. It’s amazing that the service still exists today.

Google has clearly given up on RSS. Or let me rephrase that, they favor their own Google+ platform over RSS. Although I doubt if that platform is as successful as Google claims.

To not wait for the Feedburner killing, and get a ton of extra options, I switched today to Feedpress. They have a nice feature called white labeling, although in hindsight I could have done that partly with Feedburner also. The trick is that you let subscribers subscribe to your own feed and not to the feeders feed. That way, when you want to move out you always take your subscribers with you.

My feed will always be at and I will redirect you from there, so be warned when you are suscribed to my Feedburner feed. It is still redirecting, but that won’t last for long.