Ronny Lam


Juniper Does Not Understand BYOD

I love the J-net blogs at Juniper, with most of the time interesting content especially when it comes to security. And I have to agree that Buy Your Own Device (BYOD) is a big security concern for a lot of companies. There is always the tension between security and usability, but the author of this blog is taking it a bit too far. At first I get the feeling that he is getting it right from the user perspective:

How is it that MY device (the Y in BYOD) needs to run YOUR client to access Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) resources? With YOUR software, MY device is no longer truly MINE. I have to mess it up to accommodate YOUR crummy software.

But then the rest of the writing is only about VDI:

Our customers can now securely connect to protected VDI desktops and applications - not just from Windows and Mac computers, but also from locked down PCs, Chromebooks, iPad/iPhones, Android devices, RIM/BlackBerry/Playbooks, etc.

Just forget to do VDI-like things on a tablet or a phone. The device is, or better the Desktop is, not built to be operated by big fingers. That user experience is awful. But this seems to be the meme at Juniper today. For safe use of Office resources with BYOD you need to have galvanic separation and that can only be reach by VDI, according to Juniper.

This meme needs to change, because these tablets and phones are a fact of life these days and their count is growing faster than desktops or laptops. So BYOD needs better integration with touch-devices. But I am the first to agree that that is a challenge on it’s own.