Ronny Lam


Linux Desktop in the Enterprise: Ubuntu vs. Windows

This post on NetworkComputing intreaged me. The time has finally come that Linux is a viable alternative to Windows on the desktop. In my opinion not only because the (Ubuntu) Linux desktop has been improved over the last couple of years, but also because of Windows getting worse. The differences are not that big anymore; people with Windows experience can find their way on the Ubuntu desktop.

About two years ago I installed Ubuntu on a friend’s laptop. Just because I denied to support Windows environments and the person really wanted/needed my support. A couple of weeks ago this same person bought a new laptop and really tried to master Windows 8 on the thing. In the end he asked me to install Ubuntu on it again. Not only because of my support, but mostly because he couldn’t find his way in Windows 8.

The most annoying thing in the article is:

Companies under stringent compliance requirements may have difficulties switching over to Linux. For example, HIPAA requires encryption that meets FIPS-140-2 requirements.

But if more and more enterprises and government(agencie)s are moving towards Linux this too will be solved.

Bye bye Windows.