Ronny Lam


Applying Spigen GLAS.tR Slim

Last week I finally upgraded my old iPhone 3Gs to a brand new 5S. The first thing I wanted is protect the phone a bit but still keeping the great original look and feel. My eye fell on the Spigen GLAS.tR which is effectivally a gorilla glass on top of the original gorilla glass. Why would you do that? Because gorilla glass is still not entirely unscratchable and when it scratches it weakens the glass.

The GLAS.tR arrived when I was in two days of very intensive meetings. When I finally arrived at my colleagues house for a short night I did not take enough time and patience to apply the glass, but of course I still tried. All went well, but just like the enclosed warning I got all kinds of dust particles in between. That’s when I started abusing the silicon layer in between to try and get it clean, but of course I failed and gave up on the glass.

Two days later, with a lot more patience I took the glass again and started cleaning it under cold water with a little soap. The silicon layer could handle it well. To dry the glass I used a hairdryer, because I didn’t want to touch the silicon again. But after applying it I saw some lime and still a dust particle in between. I took it off again and applied scotch tape on the silicon to clean it from rest particles. Cleaned the iPhone again and peeled the tape off right before applying. The GLAS.tR is attached to the iPhone like it was still new.

My conclusion is that the GLAS.tR can handle a lot, even my abuse of cleaning the silicon with a cloth. When using water and scotch tape the glass can applied like new, without wearing off the adhesive effect of the silicon. If you want to see how the GLAS.tR can be abused from the outside, just search for it at YouTube and you will understand why I chose it.