Ronny Lam


Software Defined 2014

Let me start by wishing everybody a happy and successful 2014!

With all the reviews, predictions and resolutions on the web I am not trying to do anything like that. If you thought that 2013 was the year of Software Defined, 2014 will be the accelerator.

Just like cloud, Software Defined is a hype. But it’s a hype that will change the way we operate networks in the next 18 months. Software Defined is not a thing, not a role, not even a technology. Software Defined is a movement, just like DevOps. In some way the two are related, they are both changing the way we operate and maintain networks. They are both tearing down the walls between dev and ops and between network and systems.

Applications and services will be at the heart of what we deliver. All the rest is commodity. The end-user is going to define what, how and when he needs them, and the network and systems have deliver them, as agile as possible. This is where both Software Defined and DevOps come in to play.

This year we will see some massive Proof Of Concepts of SDN and NFV. We will even see some projects going into production. Was 2013 the year where we had a hammer and where looking for the nail? This year we will find the nails and we will see which hammers will be successful.

We will have a very exciting year ahead.