Ronny Lam


An in Depth View of 3 SDN Technologies

Pete Welcher did a great job in describing, even comparing, what he thinks will be biggest SDN technologies. His premise is that these products

are likely to have much greater impact than SDN and other control products from smaller vendors.

Only time will tell, because in theory, by dividing the software from the hardware, it will be possible for pure software vendors to enter the networking market (and deliver a better job). That said, it is up to the customers of SDN to decide if they want to demand software with a hardware deal or buy it seperate.

I love that Pete is referring to something I say a lot when it comes to SDN:

I will say the word “LANE” (as in ATM LAN Emulation) at this point. The concept of “what device do we reach various MAC or IP addresses via” has come back again. This time, in IP tunnel form rather than ATM circuit form.

That’s it, we have been doing SDN for a long time, but apparently now is the time to market/hype it.

Please read Pete’s great post and all the rest in his series, but also don’t forget to look at some of the other technologies like Juniper’s Contrail which are not part of his “big” vendors.