Ronny Lam


Cloud9 IDE on Google Compute Engine

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Cloud9. Having an IDE in the cloud sounds very cool, but in my opinion it needs to have equal or even more performance than a laptop or server. This is where we went wrong in the past. Building Ruby on Rails apps was not a lot faster than doing it on a RaspberryPi. Of course this is all good news for the Pi, but very bad for Cloud9. With their latest announcement

Cloud9 built support for Compute Engine into the backend of the soon-to-be-released major update of Cloud9 IDE! We’ve seen major improvements in speed, provisioning and the ability to automate deployments and management of our infrastructure.

Cloud9 and Google Compute Engine

We’ve optimized our architecture to require just one hop between the hosted workspace and the browser running Cloud9. This intermediate layer is our virtual file system server (VFS). VFS connects to the hosted workspaces and provides a REST & WebSocket interface to the client running in the browser.

This new update is expected to be released this quarter. So I can’t wait to give this a try when it is released.