Ronny Lam


It Is Time for SDN 2.0

Like me and a couple of other people Tom Hollingsworth is fed up with the definition of SDN and especially the abuse of it. We are almost at a point where even the term “cloud” is better defined than “SDN”.

SDN has been reduced to a buzzword that gets attached to anything a vendor is trying to sell.

But to Tom’s credits he is also proposing something new, because the bear is loose. Something new is happening; we are at the era of the long awaited innovation of networking. And SDN wasn’t such a bad name if only the industry wouldn’t abuse it so much. Let’s just call it SDN 2.0, or Superior Defined Networking:

  1. Automated
  2. Programmable
  3. Open

I totally agree on the first two, but the last could be better defined. Open Source is not the only thing. How about open standards and open API?

I like it and we need it, but for a future proof definition it is not too well Superior Defined, yet.