Ronny Lam


Are You IPv6 Ready?

Yay, today I took some time to make most of my domains fully IPv6 enabled. For testing purposes I am using the excellent site IP6.NL which was launched during IPv6 launch-day on 6-6-2012.

IPv6 Ready

Today it all starts with choosing the right domain-registrar. It is amazing that there are still registrars out there that are not running there nameservers on IPv6. Of course you could run your own nameservers, which seems considering some previous posts a good point. But in the end it is a good thing that your registrar is running them on IPv6.

The next important thing is that your DNS allows you to configure AAAA-records, to translate a name into an IPv6-address. And again, there are still registrars that do not have that possibility. My advice would be to move away from them, as soon as possible.

Next thing is to configure your mail-servers to use IPv6. In my case it is very easy, because I run all my domains on Google Apps. And Google is very far ahead of the rest when it comes to IPv6. Of course your DNS MX-records should also point to the IPv6 addresses of your mailservers.

Last point is that both your www-subdomain and apex, i.e. naked, domain should be configured with AAAA-records. And to reflect that, of course your webserver should also be using those IPv6 addresses.

When all this is done and working you get 5 stars from IP6.NL and you will, like me, be added to the Hall of Fame. And while you are on it, don’t forget to dual-stack every other service that is not tested in this basic test.