Ronny Lam


I Am Using Whatsapp More Then Ever

First of all: you are right! There have not been any posts for almost 4 months on this blog. So this followup is directly connected to the previous one.

Did I say that I was going to quit Whatsapp? Well, the opposite happened. I joined an organization where we are using the medium very intensive. Within this organization the group conversation is being used the most, in multiple groups. And the best thing is that it just works. We get things done very fast. In between decisions are made very fast. And sometimes the conversation is supported by an image. This is the IRC for youngsters.

Telegram, on the other hand, I have not been using a lot. Did I see a lot of activity when Whatsapp joined Facebook, it looks like completely dead. At least to me, I don’t see people join anymore and I don’t get messages through the app anymore.

Talking about Facebook. The organization I just joined does a lot on Facebook. There might just come a time where I can not ignore it anymore. But until that time I’ll still try, very hard.