Ronny Lam


Blog Maintenance

It is amazing that ths blog has been broken for the last couple of months. First of all I have not posted anything for a while. But I have also moved my blog of of Heroku and onto a dedicated webserver. However, all the redirect url’s for the feed where working on Heroku and I forgot to migrate them to ther webserver. Thank god, I have not posted anything, which is a lousy excuse.

I have repaired all the links and I have also, again, thought of revitalizing my blogging scheme. But in order to do that I have to change my content. It’s not that I care about SDN anymore. On the contrary, but I thought it was more of the same to blog about it and in the end I did not blog about it anymore. So that’s why you will see a change in content from now on. You will see more general tech, like I did before, but you will also see more Scouting.

The thing is that, after an 8 year break, I picked up Scouting again. Relocation and starting a family stopped me from serving my old group which I served for almost 25 years and now I started at a new group and am also picking up some national activities. More about those details in future posts.